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Natalia Vtyurina - Short Biography

Natalia has more than 10 years of experience in various sports. When she was 18 years old she started with dancing. After trying multiple dancing styles, she started to attend regularly classes of classical choreography that train techniques used in ballet. This dancing style requires a lot of strength and flexibility in muscles that she was not naturally granted with. Shortly, ballet became her favorite dancing style as it gave her the basis for almost any dance and sport discipline she tried out after. Currently, she regularly attends boxing trainings, ballet classes and different workouts. She is eager to share with you her experience in how to stay fit, get flexible and find a harmony within your own body and mind!


Why I started with stretching myself?

Being not granted with natural flexibility, Natalia throughout the years was trying out various approaches for lengthening her muscles. In this search for the best technique that suits her body, she attended stretching classes in the best dancing and ballet schools of Moscow. This gave her possibility of trying different techniques offered by multiple professional stretching instructors. Finally, she found an approach that boosted her flexibility in the most efficient way. Moreover, on the way she also picked up the most effective and universal sets of exercises that may suit everybody. By giving her stretching classes she is there to answer your questions and find your personal approach for improving flexibility!

Why did I become a stretching instructor?

After unsuccessful attempts in finding stretching classes in the Netherlands and the fear of losing her not easily gained flexibility, in 2013 Natalia voluntarily introduced a stretching sport discipline at the Sport & Culture Center of Delft University. In 2014, she received a certificate of a sport trainer at the Dutch School AALO in Utrecht “Basis Groepsles Instructeur”. Group classes have gained popularity and were being held until COVID-19 pandemicr in one of the Pilates studios in Delft. This successful experience in training people motivated her to grow further as a group lessons instructor and convey her knowledge in different stretching techniques to other people. This year her practices will be re-launched in Leiden in one of the ballet studios.

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What keeps me going in giving stretching classes?

Support from the most dedicated students who regularly attended Natalia’s classes in Delft starting from 2013 allowed her to train further her skills as a sport instructor. Looking at their success through these 7 years, ability of making the first split and overall improved body’s flexibility encouraged her to continue with the classes and stimulate more people to do stretching exercises. Now, these lessons are meant for everyone who is looking for improvement of flexibility and wants to achieve this in a healthy manner. The lesson starts with a few exercises to get the blood flowing and the temperature rising. This is followed by active and passive stretches with inclusions of intensive but very effective abdominal exercises. Giving a mixture of existing stretching approaches, Natalia will help you to remain flexible. Everyone is welcome to try her stretching class!


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